by Jim Kaness

In our kitchen is a lemon from our tree. It used to be plump and shiny yellow, bursting with juice and flavor.

Today that lemon is turning brown, shriveled and wrinkled, its juice slowly evaporating with the passage of time.

Such is the story of America in 2014. Once the most powerful and respected nation in the world, its citizens enjoying the highest standard of living anywhere at any time, America is now shriveling into a sad shadow of its former glory.

The American dollar, the standard of choice for valuing oil and precious metals throughout the world, is worth less than 2% of its original purchasing power as we enter the "global economy".

American workers, once able to raise a family on a single income, now need two or more incomes to have and enjoy less than their parents.

Throughout recorded history, many great nations have come of age and spread their language and culture far and wide, only to decline in prominence and influence once their citizens learned to expect and demand their own interests above those of the nation that pampered them. Greece, Rome, France, and England traveled that road, and now America seeks to join them.

Like Gulliver in Lilliput, our politicians are impotent, ensnared by the many tiny threads of special interests, political correctness, pseudo-sciences and their own re-elections.

Our own Declaration of Independence declared that our rights to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" come from our Creator. Now, in 2014, our Creator has been cast aside, replaced by the gods of wealth, health and procreation as we worship the creation in place of the Creator.

Rest in Peace, America.


Copyright © 7 January 2014 by Jim Kaness