by Jim Kaness

America at the dawn of the 21st century can be a confusing place in which to live. If a man or woman hires a prostitute for $200 for some fun and sex, then that is against the law. But if a man or woman buys the other dinner and a movie and then spend the night together for some fun and sex, then that is legal!

Now dinner and a movie is usually cheaper than $200, but the night could become very expensive. Free love is not always free.

Birth control, like any other medication or procedure, is only effective if actually used. It can be forgotten, or it can be “deliberately forgotten” by either the man or woman (or both) depending on the person’s intentions. The young stud is all too often dreaming of a night in the sack with this luscious young goddess he has just met. He is not thinking of marriage and fatherhood. The luscious young goddess is all too often thinking of adding another dependent child to her welfare case and mentally spending the larger check she will get each month!

Although California and many other states offer no-fault divorce, if the union resulted in producing any children then there really is no divorce at all. Whether the couple were married for 20-years or they just spent one night together, the courts will keep them attached with a legal chain from the one to the other for the next 18 years until the child is of age.

The child of that union will also keep the couple attached- in some cases far more tightly bound than any court could imagine, and for much longer than 18 years. Children are born with love for both their parents and will continue to love them both regardless of how hard or cruel the parents are to each other. The children will often express, and sometimes connive to get their natural parents back together. I have known grandparents who lovingly raised their grandchildren to “give them a better home” than the natural parents could or would provide, only to see the child, now in their teen years, choose to return to their natural parent or parents no matter how poor a home they had to offer.

The natural parents of these children often go to great lengths to cut off all ties to the child’s grandparents from the “other side” thus denying the child the love and support those grandparents naturally want to offer, and denying the grandparents the joy of participating in their grandchildren’s lives.

It is not the child’s fault that his/her parents can’t get along or can’t support themselves. But the child and the extended families pay a high price for “free love”.

Nothing has been said here about sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. These too come at a high price in time and money but are not the subject of this discussion.

America at the dawn of the 21st century can be a confusing place in which to live, and “free love” is very expensive, financially and emotionally, to our society.

As a follower of Jesus Christ I could have quoted a dozen Bible verses on this subject. But, it has been my experience that paying child support and getting up several times in the night to change diapers and warm up bottles of milk gets more attention than Bible verses. I think Nancy Reagan got it right with her slogan "Just Say No!" but our present culture says "If it feels good, do it!" and that appeals to quite a few. Of course, our society gets to pay for the cost of the resulting abortions, child support and welfare, foster homes and juvenile detention, and all those medical treatments for AIDS and other STD's which are the predicted consequences of not saying "NO". But, you say, "It's a free country and I can screw anyone I want!" Surprise! No, it is not and you can not. Ask your local policeman.


Copyright © 8/5/2014 by Jim Kaness